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Why not use Palm Beach's best life coaching resource?  Retired award-winning rehabilitation counselor/psychotherapist offers quick and affordable results in life's challenges and goals!  Improve your success, image, and body language.  Attract others to you! Your non-verbal communication indeed reveals more about you than what you say.
Stephen has successfully counseled and coached over 10,000 adults and teens--from prison inmates to CEO's, physicians, athletes, and entertainers (and a few who fit into both extremes of this range!).  It's really about becoming happy and healthy and getting into the habit of making the highest quality life choices and decisions.  Sometimes there's a challenging problem, immediate or long-standing, which is for the time being "in the way."  Other times there's a dream or objective to be achieved--becoming more successful, finding a partner, pursuing an adventure, even learning "insider" secrets on achieving an affluent life style on less $$!  Only you can say what you really want in this life. 
Stephen's qualifications:  He earned a Master's degree in Rehabilitation Counseling from the University of Wisconsin-Stout in 1972 (Master's thesis on Body Language) and provided individual counseling services and wellness training as a licensed State counselor from 1972 through 1996.  From 1978 through 2002 (retirement) he also maintained a private practice as a licensed counselor and accredited diplomate psychotherapist.   Stephen served also as an expert witness in approximately 2000 legal matters. In the courtroom regularly over 26 years, Stephen focused on and utilized the key, but often missed, elements of body language.  He maintains current "retired" status as a psychotherapist, APA (American Psychotherapy Association) #5018 and was nominated by APA as a "Fellow" in 2010.
Stephen understands personally how to achieve the best life has to offer--how strategies based on quality decision-making and wellness can open unlimited opportunities for success and adventure.  He's been a national/professional race driver (17 years), stage/television/film actor, marathon runner, and boxer in his "spare" moments!
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