Stephen Weigert, M.S.,  Life/Success Coach 561/547-0390
See Stephen's newly published book.
Stephen's new book, "Who Wins and Why: Fifty Keys to Victory in Sports, Business, and the Game of Life" outlines many of the success strategies he's shared with people from all walks of life on their way to the "top." It's about our mental "game, " the way our brain processes newly learned techniques to become automatic, and the necessity that our beliefs and choices are indeed valid steps toward victory.  Stephen shares insider tips, as well, on how to gain the material rewards  and affluence (if those happen to important to you) along the way.
For a  a full description of 'Who Wins and Why" and order links to Amazon (paperback, $11.95), Amazon Kindle and Apple e-Books (both digital, $5.99), see
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