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"Sample" concepts.

Stephen applies several "foundation" concepts into his work with nearly every coaching client:  SIMPLIFY and concisely define the objective.  Describe it in only one sentence. If applicable,  do I have to fully understand  my problems or would I prefer to just be free of them?  I only need to truly "understand" a problem if I am planning to have it occur again or am planning in some way to maintain it.  It may be time to challenge my BELIEFS.  Is what I think true? Am I absolutely certain it is true?  How would I be without this belief?  In most cases, the dysfunctions we experience are the result of irrational beliefs, conscious and unconscious, about ourselves and the events in our lives.  In order to be HAPPY, HEALTHY and SUCCESSFUL, we do need balance and alignment, for the most part, in each area of our lives: health, family, relationships, career, physical environment, personal development/growth, finances, and fun/recreation.  Not always easy, but this balance is a key to our overall well-being.  Oh, and there are two simple "rules" (in the form of questions) in our lives which will make just about anything work for us:  In my daily communication, is what I am about to say completely truthful? and Do I do what I said I'd do, when I said it would be done?  Without much else in one's favor, a person can go far with positive answers to both questions.  Stephen's favorite concept of all is that many of the "dreams" we have are truly more achievable than we think!  Maybe it's getting into a special occupation, finding "the right one" in romance, pursuing an adventure, reaching an affluent life-style--whatever we aspire to.  There's often a "hidden" or less apparent advantage or strategy we can use to indeed accomplish our lofty goal.  As mentioned earlier in this website, Stephen personally used this concept to become a national/professional race driver, marathon runner, boxer, actor, and, recently, was trained in the sport of polo with no previous equestrian experience.  There's always a way.    To our dreams! 
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